“Are the things you are living for worth Christ dying for?”

The quote above is from the late Leonard Ravenhill. It is as relevant today as it was the day he first uttered it.

How often do we ask ourselves this question?

How often have you seen this on someone else’s website and wondered, do they really know what this means?

Even as I write, I wonder whether there are many at all who consider this sort of question. Do we ever look at our lives in the light of God’s Word and wonder, ‘Does it all stack up?’

I know of a man who used to have this quote written on his note books and I’m pretty sure it was on the inside cover of his Bible also. This man, in his earlier years, preached the Gospel with fire and conviction both here in Australia and overseas.

This man has for the last 25 years been involved in a well known Australia wide cult. He runs their ‘outreach’, if you can call it that, up in Far North Queensland. They are based at White Rock, a suburb just south of Cairns.

Recently I got to catch up on this man’s ministry via Youtube. Unfortunately he is not even half the man he used to be. The fire is gone. You can see that there is no longer the same passion, the conviction and the spark in his eyes is gone. The Fire of the Holy Spirit is not present in his eyes or life. Dare I say that this has been the case since 1989 when he and his wife joined this cult. Many in the small group they had led prior to that move have now walked away from God and or are so shipwrecked that they no longer have a focus on God, we know of many from that old group who are in the same cult still and locked up in heresy and false doctrines.

So my question to this man, should he ever be looking at this Facebook page and get to read this, and to anyone else who happens to read this post, Is what you are living for worth Christ dying for?

Recently my life was turned upside down by a loving caring Father God. He chose to put me in circumstances that had me on my face in prayer and fasting for weeks.

During this time He began to speak to me like never before.

He began to challenge me again about what I was living for.

What was my focus?

What on earth was I doing?

Which Kingdom was I living for?

Which God was I serving?

This time has been the most eye opening, soul searching time of my life. Never before has God gotten my attention in the way He has over this last little while.

Father God has turned my life upside down, in actual fact, He has turned it right side up.

Our whole family is changing as a result. We have 2 of our children preaching the Gospel in their workplace, our oldest son involved in deep gospel based discussions with his fellow students at QUT, while my wife and I are focused now on the Kingdom of God and crying out to Him every day for Him to move in amongst His people and bring revival.

We have had and are experiencing a mini revival of our own here in our family.

God is opening up His Word to us in a whole new way. Insights we have not seen before, especially in regard to our walk with Him.

Recently He spoke to us from the story of the Prodigal Son. He showed us how we had been in the mire of that pigsty for 25 years and that it was time to step up out of the muck, come home to Him, be cleansed, clothed again in His Righteousness, to receive His ring of ownership on our finger and His sandles on our feet to enable us to walk in His ways.

We have known a restoration into the Father’s household like no other. We know what is it like to be cleansed and forgiven and freed from years of filth and muck and trash and sin.

Then He spoke to us from the story of the Good Samaritan in a whole new way.

More importantly, we know what it is like to be fired up again by the Holy Spirit and to be focused on the Kingdom of God.

I now know that I can say with confidence that what I live for was worth Christ dying for.

My focus daily is the King and His Kingdom.

Jesus Christ my Saviour gave His all for me and I will likewise give my all for Him.

Our prayer is for revival to come to God’s people. Revival starts in the hearts and lives of those who will get on there faces before God and let him have His way in their lives.

Finally to finish, here is another quote from Leonard Ravenhill:

“The only reason we don’t have revival is because we are willing to live without it!”



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