You are the Salt of the Earth


“Ye Are The Salt Of The Earth”


Does this explain the world’s present demoralized condition? (“The darkest period in history”, says a great Chicago daily.)

Does this explain the wave of lawlessness sweeping over America and the world? (United States Solicitor General J.M. Beck calls this “The Age of Lawlessness”)

Does this explain the enormous increase in crime in the United States? (Four Hundred percent from 1912 to 1921)

Does this explain the amazing growth of the divorce evil? (A tremendous ratio, reaching in some sections from ten to twenty percent of all marriages)

Does this explain the terrible prevalence of social immorality? (Polluting the average of five out of every eight young men throughout the nation, says the health commissioner of a great city).

Does this explain the growing industrial turmoil? (During the past nine years ending with 1922, there have been 26,000 strikes, as against 25,000 during the twenty-five years from 1881 to 1906)

Does this explain the domestic unhappiness, the junvenile delinquency, the lack of parental control, the desire for the frivolous and superficial, the inordinate love of money, the petty thievery and the gigantic robbery, the betrayal of public trust, the disregard of God’s holy day, the banishment of the bible from our public school system, the aversion to restraint of every kind?

Does it explain the moral deterioration of multitudes at home and the growing hostility to Christianity in large sections of the world abroad?

If so, then indeed “judgement must begin at the house of God”. If the moral rehabilitation of the earth is dependant upon the spiritual rehabilitation of the church, THEN LET THE LATTER BEGIN AT ONCE! For judgement of sin and confession of sin on the part of the church means purging and purging means revival and revival evangelisation and evangelisation not only the salvation of multitudes but the quickening of the moral conscience of the masses.

For the sake of Jew, Gentile and the Church of God, the present all-but-extinguished spark of life in the church needs the united breath of multitudes of intercessors to fan it into WORLD-WIDE LIVING FLAME. 


(Emphasis in Original)


This is an excerpt from ‘The Pentecostal Evangel – A Family and Missionary Paper. Official Organ of The Assemblies of God’ Numbers 478-479 Springfield, MO. January 6 1923.

I am not sure who penned this, but the lead article was written by Pastor A.G. Ward of Toronto Canada. There is a marked inclination to what we now call Dominionism, wanting the whole world to have been evangelised and transformed into some kind of heaven on earth before Christ returns, and we do not espouse this belief. We believe scripture tells us plainly that the world is not going to experience a huge revival and that things will grow steadily worse before Christ’s return. As this paper was written in 1923, some 16 years before WW2, and some years after the Great Depression, you can understand that the desire was for revival to come and clean up the terrible mess that was left after the Great War of 1914-1918.

However, it astounds us how closely the situation is now in the world compared to the concerns of 92 years ago. In fact, it has of course become a much worse situation despite the events that have taken place over the last hundred years. If there ever was a need for the people of God to ensure that their lives are separate from the world, cleaned up by the blood of Jesus Christ and consecrated to Him in all purity and holiness, then it is now. God will surely judge the world, and it will not be changed, but the people of God will. There is a need for revival amongst the brethren still, lets be challenged by this reminder of the fact that going back in time is not the romantic interlude we might think, people still had to deal with sin and darkness even in the ‘roaring twenties’.