Women’s Suffrage – Was It Worth It?

women voting

This has been and is going to be an interesting year politically – mainly abroad I fear rather than in our own backyard.  Here in Australia it will be more of the same lacklustre and highly predictable lies, damned lies and statistics.

On a related note we no longer have a television set.  Yippee!  We are not Luddites nor are we Amish, we are simply tired of having to look at twaddle and we would like our brains back!  So we are not following the Election media jedi mind numbing tricks.  We have some understanding of what is going on via the internet newsfeed which is far more distracting than the interminable and unhinged overkill of the media news outlets but is nonetheless far more tractable. It is all very underwhelming.

What is it to vote?  Some would say that in a democratic country it is the essence of people power.  I used to believe that, only because, as I said, my brain was numb.  Now I am more likely to say that voting is a little more than giving most people a sense of ‘having done their duty’. However,  most people are not really interested in what their  politicians are doing to their country on a day-to-day basis because if they did, they would riot, the people that is, not the politicians.

As a woman, I can’t help but wonder if being given the right to vote was really all that much of a big win.  From what I can ascertain, its the bankers,  industrialists and billionaires who run the world, start wars, destroy and create countries and generally act like a mob of three-year-olds with no supervision.

As Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the founder of the infamous Rothschild banking and power broking dynasty said “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws’ (or who people vote for I would imagine). For the most part, the Rothschilds, who are one of the controllers of the World Bank, generally do both. If you are interested in just how huge their banking interests are, here is a link to a list of their international holdings. Please note the listing for Australia’s Federal Reserve Bank.

But get this, credited to Rothschild’s wife, Gutle Schnapper  in 1849 “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none”. At a time when women in Europe were campaigning to be allowed to vote, a right bravely fought from 1718 in Sweden right up until the early years of the 20th century in Australia, Gutle, mother of 19 children and matriarch to one of the most powerful families in the world, was breeding psychopaths and claiming that her family were the ones who got to decide who was in power and who was not.  Voting is not an issue to people such as this, they are the ones who control countries thankyou very much and they will be the ones who decide who gets to be the sock puppet du jour. Somebody tell the Rothschilds that mothers are supposed to tell their son’s to play nice with the neighbour kids, NOT to plot their demise!

While Britain has decided to leave the European Union and is getting a new Prime Minister and the U.S. is facing a change of government, Australia is set to avoid the polling booths until just before they close on Saturday July 2nd and to then wake up on Sunday July 3rd and realise that a familiar (face it they all are)  and not terribly attractive face is adorning the front covers of those newspaper thingies we used to read. And since it is School holidays, the rest of the week will be spent down on the snowfields of Victoria or on the beaches of Queensland.

Life goes on.

Yet, the world is going stark raving and this downward incline will continue until the Tribulation period begins. We have observed that the world now dictates that what used to be true and right is now no longer, the political lobby groups that represent nano-minorities have managed a hostile yet incredibly swift take over, children, families and marriages are under attack everywhere, being a Christian has now become a red flag to every raving hostile nutbag in the Empire, and there are now no longer any morals, rights, wrongs, immutables, untouchables and irrefutables.  Everything you thought you knew is wrong.

As for voting, don’t imagine for one little tiny second that the current Prime Minister and associated cabal are doing anything without consulting overseas interests and their subsidiaries.  Nor will a change of Prime Minister and associated cabal (or is that rabble?) make any difference.  What was going to happen to this country will happen anyway sooner or later, and the asinine propaganda that ‘your vote makes a difference’ has no actual currency any more.  I don’t think anyone really believes that, especially in a country where voting is compulsory. And as I pointed out above, there are far too many obvious and well-documented proofs that the world is not run by fair-minded and reasonable men and women who love their countrymen and wish only their welfare.  We do not vote in goverments who actually represent their constituents and work for them.  We vote in professional actors who play parts in the Canberra or state equivalent seats of government.  Why do you think they televise question time?

I don’t want to end on a negative however.

I have read too many stories of people who have spent all their time and energy to get something changed.  The women who struggled to get votes for women quite often sacrificed their family’s welfare to do it.  Clearly the men should have been supporting them in it, but when that doesn’t happen, the family suffers.  Often women feel they are on their own and they simply have to do what they believe is the right thing.  Each human being must weigh the cost of their fight.

I think in the end, we make far more difference at a grass roots level.  Parliament is not a friendly environment, especially to women apparently.  When we start to speak up at a very basic level, at our children’s schools for example with this heinous ‘Safe Schools’ programme which is neither safe nor about schooling but is by the words of its authors about changing people’s understanding of gender rather than any kind of bullying, other people realise that they are not the only ones to recognise something is not right.   Many people are beginning to  understand that they can stand up and make a difference.  I just don’t think that voting in a change is really the way to go.  By the time somebody becomes a politician they are already aligned to a party which has its own agendas, some stated, some not.  Human beings need to wake up to the forces which are working in society and have the courage to say no when it involves their own family members.  Governments DO NOT have the right to tell parents how to raise their own children, but the education department thinks it does.  We don’t therefore go to the education minister, we work on the schools, the individuals, the principals and the teachers and fellow parents we know and relate to each day.  This is far more effective and is going to effect a more thorough change than thinking that politics is going to make the difference.

As I said, the politicians in this country are owned by overseas interests.  It is the individual who is going to have the greatest influence on their own neighbourhood.  As people’s thinking changes, as they wake up and recognise how they have been duped and used, they will find others who are likewise seeing the forces behind all the changes that are occurring in society now.  And Christians, far from being demonized by the media, are the ones who are going to help others stand up and say ‘no’ to moral decline.  We have a moral compass that many lack by virtue of the fact that the Holy Spirit himself lives within us.  We also have God’s promise that if He is with us then who can stand against us? If we can’t stand up against the evil empire, like Daniel did, like Joseph did, like Moses did, like so many have in recent history, then the salt has lost its savour and the light has lost its shine!  God Forbid!

Just remember that as Christians we give to Caesar what is his due, but we are not of this world.  Our interests will never be upheld by the ‘elected’ party or in fact any ruling group since Satan is the ruler of this world.  God controls it all, we belong to Him, and He has promised to come back for us soon!  Our eyes are on our coming King, and NOT the earthly ones.  All we can do is pray that God’s will is done on earth, and ask the Holy Spirit to tell us what to put on our Ballot papers.  But as for expecting politicians to be looking after our own best interests, please do not let that propaganda reach your heart, it simply is not true.

Anita Brady






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