Theodore and Isabella


Lilting underwater sway
With undulating tail
Each footfall fluid and faultless
Easy and serene.
They purr and thrum and bombinate with very satisfaction.
They thrive and croon
Smooch and spoon and serenade,
Supplicate and woo,
Coax, cajole and captivate
And soon
All that is beheld with tawny eyes
Becomes their own.

Two shadows
Following a foot behind
Or choosing then to sprint ahead
And claim the bed.
Not just one cat sized piece
But the whole.
Sprawling deliciously,
Blinking artlessly,
Quick with consolation
For taking your side.
Cold wet nose pressed
With affection against your cheek.

Late night scraps.
Up and down the hallways,
In and out the doorways,
Underneath the table legs
And up the front flyscreen.
Each too nimble to hurt or hinder
One another
And growls and grumblings all a romp
Til zest and zeal is spent.

Endless curiosity
Staring unblinking out the windows
And following a careless insect
Into corners hitherto unexplored
Or explored again.
The unstoppable determination
To win the right
To household domination
And claim the rubbish bin’s delights.
The invisible elastic
That draws them to you
Sitting close by
Or finding space where none exists
Just to be in your presence.


Anita Brady © 2017


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