Door to Door Cult Service



We keep getting visits from the members of the local Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall.

Just about every month they show up in our street, which is pretty long. They turn up in the middle of the day, and the houses they don’t hit during the week, they come back on Saturday morning and try again. What amazes me is that they just keep coming despite getting the same responses from the same houses every time. They continually knock on our door despite the numbers of times I have asked them to take us off their list. We are not interested, we do not want to read their literature since we already know what it says, and we know for a fact that engaging with these people in conversation would be redundant. Trying to get a cult member to see the light is an exercise in futility. Only God is able to reach them and often they need to be at the end of their strength in order to do that. Been there, not interested in revisiting.

My son opened the door to them the other day. He asked me what he should say to them, I just told him not to bother trying to witness to them, just tell them we are not interested. However, a few minutes later after I thought they had gone, they were still there trying to shove tracts in his face, and I heard the sentence “we would just like to share with you from this literature”. He had not asked them in, and since it is still my house I would have objected anyway, but I came to the door and was, frankly, a little too brisk with them. “No, you will not be sharing anything today, now you need to leave the house, off you go” I told them. They looked a bit shocked to be dismissed in such a fashion, but left quickly thank heavens.

We tend to see people from cults as being carriers of doctrines of demons and also of carrying some rather nasty spirits themselves as they walk around. If you open yourself to darkness it will come in without a second invitation. I know from experience what some of my former friends became upon having spent only a few months at BCF. They were not the same people they were, they were darker, without peace, self-focused and easily irritated. In fact, everyone, including us, became shadows of their former selves.

A woman I knew from my Pentecostal days, Jan Groenveld, now gone to be with the Lord, spent a great deal of time setting up a website in Australia to inform others about the tactics and beliefs of the Jehovah’s Witnesses as she used to belong to them herself. Jan was tireless in her efforts to inform and expose this organisation. Yet despite the work of people such as Jan, the organisation appears to be growing bigger. The enemy is clearly delighted at the success of his campaign. If it’s not the Mormons, it’s the J.W.s, or the Scientologists, they are all the same in their approach to the truth and their rejection of those who question their beliefs. If once you ever get inside any of these cults, they will treat you all like worker ants. You have no rights, no personal life and no mind of your own, you must do as you are told and people do. It is the methods they use to get people to accept them as genuine kind and good Christians which upset me the most.

The whole concept of door knocking is to make disciples. They are not interested in asking questions about their own faith or discussing their own doubts in a realistic way, this would be akin to committing spiritual suicide. They are not open to your opinion or view and once they know that you are a committed Christian their only concern is to get you to change your ideas to conform with theirs. This is an insidious and unstoppable religious spirit which is determined to break and destroy the faith of genuine believers and to ensnare as many people as possible into their cult. If they can’t cause you to doubt they will dismiss you as quickly as most people dismiss them. It is a cold-hearted and unfeeling spirit which quenches the life in people.

When I was a much younger Christian, I used to try and talk to them, discuss their beliefs pleasantly and try and witness to them. I was an abject failure. After having exited a cult myself, I understand their thinking a whole lot better. I also understand that it is almost impossible to try and talk these people out of their faith. It would have to be the exception to come across a J.W. who is wavering in their own belief and the fact that they go about two by two, an older J.W. with a younger would ensure that anybody who is susceptible to doubt would be kept out of the conversation by the older and more experienced person.

Trying to talk to somebody who is deceived by doctrines of demons is very difficult. It is even more difficult when you know that these people are not friends who you just happened to meet at the local shopping mall, or even invited into your home to have a coffee. No, these people are trained in more ways than one. They are told how to witness, they are told what to say, they are informed about all of the ways in which they will be responded to by the world, and any ‘persecution’ ie shows of rejection or worse by those on the other side of the door would also be dealt with the JW way.

So what you are dealing with is an organised and systematic assault (although they wouldn’t think of it that way) which is not to be dismissed lightly. Having spent many years in a controlling religious cult, I am probably not the person to be talking to about witnessing to cult members. I have tried talking to my former friends who are still in the cult I belonged to. They do not want to listen to me, I am considered to be apostate and therefore a bad influence, and this is what happens to all who leave a cult. You are shunned and ignored and treated with contempt.

So when I see Jehovah’s Witnesses, I do not get warm fuzzy feelings inside hoping that I may open up their eyes to the truth of the real gospel. I am afraid it takes a whole lot more than good intentions to talk to these people and most Christians do not understand the strength and depth of the delusion they are under.

I have tried being polite and indifferent, and a lot of the time I am just annoyed. They come into my house despite the many ways I show them I am not interested, and on one occasion I had a bevy of women standing at my front garden gate actually yelling at me while I am standing inside my house. Was this designed to make me feel embarrassed so that I would come out and talk to them? I am afraid all this does is upset me. Nobody with that kind of rudeness is welcome in my home even to discuss the gospel, and I am not at liberty to discuss the gospel with those who do not ‘have an ear to hear’.

So while many Christians have the opinion that Jehovah’s Witnesses should be given every opportunity to hear the gospel, it is important to remember that in actual fact the witnessing days when they are at your front door is probably the time they are the least open to the gospel. They are taught how to think they are told what to say and they have their very large and abusive organisation behind them. Knowing what it is like to live in these types of environments, I can say that there is a very great deal of fear involved. You may not be conscious of it, but you do what you are told to do because you are too scared not to. You think that if you don’t God will somehow punish you.

My husband worked for a man once years ago who was a Jehovah’s Witness. He was a very kind and friendly man and once he knew that my husband and I were Christians, he offered to have us over for dinner in his house and to debate the subject of the Trinity. We were more than happy to show him the verses in our bibles which told us that the Holy Spirit was a person and not an impersonal force, and spent a couple of hours after dinner talking with them about it. My husband had written down a lot of his notes and later gave them to his boss. This was in the days before personal computers and iphones, so sending information by email wasn’t a common thing back then. His boss was quite glad to be able to read his notes, but I don’t think either he or his wife ever left the organisation. The trouble was, he used to be a Catholic and the JWs entered his home one day when he was in a very difficult time of personal crisis and because he was vulnerable, they were able to get him to commit himself to their organisation. That is the way cults work. They love bomb you, convince you they are the answer to all your problems and then after the honeymoon period, the hard work starts.

While my husband was able to be a consistent witness to this man and his wife, he was not able to have as much influence as he would have liked. We left much the wiser when it came to talking to cult members, ironically we became cult members ourselves shortly afterwards. So it is very important to remember how easy it is to be deceived and entrapped by lies and false gospels. The most important thing to do is to make sure we know the gospel ourselves, and to keep reading the word of God on a regular basis in order to remind ourselves what it actually says. This way there is less likelihood of being deceived by the enemy who loves to question the word of God and get us to do the same.

Bless you.

Steve and Anita Brady



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