Two Sane Men Have a Conversation


Don’t always agree with everything these two men say, but appreciate totally their rare bravery and intelligence in speaking up against the tide of liberal stupidity.  I also appreciate listening to two men with respect for women, with a desire for God (even if Jordan is sadly off base with his New Agey approach) and understanding of  what character, integrity, and serious NON-AGGRESSIVE, humble discussion is all about.  Not one single F-Bomb in this conversation.

It saddens me deeply that there are no genuine born-again Christian leaders with this kind of public reach apart from perhaps one (Charles Lawson) who can discuss these issues and have actually thought through their beliefs.  If we as believers can be as assiduous and thorough as these men are, we will find far more contentment with our lives than we will chasing after the easy believism false gospels of hedonists like Hillsong, Joel Houston, Rodney Howard Browne, et al.

Pray these men will find the Lord Jesus Christ and become born again very soon.


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