Macdonalds’ is of course the most successful fast-food restaurant in the world. It has outlets in every city in every suburb of every city in the western world, and it extends into areas like China and Russia which would have been impossible a few years ago. Macdonalds’ food is not high quality. That has never been in dispute. However, it sells. That is the main point. Macdonalds are not out to bring health and wellbeing to every person in the world, they are out to make a profit at the expense of the health of everyone who eats their products which famously have so much sugar in them they really should be considered confectionary.

With McDonald’s, it isn’t about content, it is about giving people what they want; fast comfort food laced with sugar and salt. We have grown up on Macdonald’s, we continue to take our children, and we are not teaching them that this food is bad for you, we are inculcating our children with the idea that family and Macdonald’s goes together. Therefore the emotional hook is laden with cheeseburgers and sundaes. Or did you want fries with that.

This business model of giving people what they want has been adopted by the church. Like Macdonald’s, they have sacrificed what is good and right on the altar of worldly success.

What began as something which Jesus himself proclaimed was sought by the few who could afford to give everything they had to buy it has become a cheap knock-off. The gospel has become today’s fake gold cartier watch being sold on stands in the street for $20.00. Anybody who thinks they can buy genuine cartier for $20 is clearly ignorant of the facts. Likewise, anybody who thinks that they can purchase the pearl of great price cheaply or for nothing is also ignoring the facts. Yet so many Christians today are flocking to a fake gospel which presents cheap knock-offs of the original simply to pull in the thousands to their churches in order to be entertained with music, comedy, emotional appeals to their pocket books, the lie that they can partake in something valuable and meaningful for the small price of 10% of their income plus whatever amount they want to give to the building programme.

McChristianity has fooled the millions who believe that partaking in the Kingdom of God can be had cheaply. Yet the gospel tells us that if we want to follow Jesus we must take up our cross and follow him. We are called to lay down our lives, not try and save them or we will in fact lose our lives. This is not a paradox, it is a truth. Our lives are not to be saved at the expense of our souls. We do not belong to this earth, and the sooner we realise that the greater will be our commitment and sacrifice to Jesus our Lord.